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Tacx Galaxia Training Rollers (T-1100)

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Price: $329.99 Buy Tacx Galaxia Training Rollers (T-1100)
Tacx Galaxia Training Rollers (T-1100)
Tacx Galaxia Training Rollers (T-1100) description:
Rollers are rollers. At least, they are until they become catapults and throw you into the wall or the rider warming up in front of you because you punched out of them with an acceleration. Tacx' Galaxia Training Rollers solve that issue with a swing system that absorbs those accelerations, keeping your tires on the rollers and you on the bike. It also features the same conical rollers as the less expensive Antares model, and that shape further reduces the risk of unplanned rider/basement wall interfaces by coaching your tires into the center and away from the rollers' edges.

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