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Tacx Booster Training Base (T-2500)

item #TAC000Z
Price: $299.99 Buy Tacx Booster Training Base (T-2500)
Tacx Booster Training Base (T-2500)
Tacx Booster Training Base (T-2500) description:
Ideally suited for power-based workouts, the Tacx Booster Training Base (T-2500) helps you progress on indoor days by doing everything from simulating climbs to tackling intense interval sprints. Employing an advanced magnetic brake system, the Booster generates high level of resistance at low speeds--much like attacking a hill climb--through the use of eight permanent ferrite magnets. The adjustable resistance lever sits on your handlebar to make for easy transitions between the seven levels of resistance, which max out at 1050 watts, while a closed housing design drastically reduces noise when you're trying to catch up on TV while working out. And since it's made from strong aluminum and steel, the Booster's robust frame stands its ground just about anywhere and is engineered to withstand powerful forces.

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