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Syntace C3 Clip

item #SYN0009
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Syntace C3 Clip
Syntace C3 Clip description:
If you want to have a successful, efficient race it's crucial that you stay comfortable. The Syntace C3 Clip is designed to keep you comfortable when you're in the most aerodynamic position possible. The C3 features a double helix bend, which places your wrists in a more natural position and allows you to maintain a flatter, more aerodynamic back. In addition, Syntace designed the extension to slope down under the palms by about 20 degrees. This positions your arm and grip at the optimal angle to generate higher pedal pressure. The bars are made with a durable and lightweight aluminum and are compatible with 31. 8mm drop handlebars. The elbow pads adjust up to 84mm side to side to accommodate a range of shoulder widths.

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