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Swiftwick Aspire Stripe 4 Sock

item #SWF000V
Price: $16.95 Buy Swiftwick Aspire Stripe 4 Sock
Swiftwick Aspire Stripe 4 Sock
Swiftwick Aspire Stripe 4 Sock description:
An oft-underrated component in any quest for peak performance is the sock. And while we know that not all socks are created equal, the Swiftwick Aspire Stripe 4 Sock is far and away the leader of the pack when it comes to running, cycling, and other endurance sports. Crafted from a stretchy blend, this sock brings firm compression and contoured support to your foot for blister-free, moisture-wicking, and lightweight performance. Minimal cushioning elevates your comfort levels without being too bulky, and the subtle striping at the cuff gives you a sporty style that just looks fast, even if it doesn't take seconds off your time.

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