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Swany X-Cell II Glove - Men's

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Price: $139.95
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Swany X-Cell II Glove - Men's
Swany X-Cell II Glove - Men's description:
Don't let the thought of cold fingertips keep you in the lodge during the best powder day of the season. The Swany Men's X-Cell II Glove gives you durable weather protection and reliable warmth during the worst (best) storm days, and a waterproof, breathable Dryfingers II insert prevents cold moisture from turning your fingers pruney, whether you're skiing mank up in the Pacific Northwest or Sierra Cement out in Tahoe. And if these gloves do happen to get a little wet (ahem, frothy frozen beer on the chairlift), synthetic Tri-Plex insulation retains precious heat without that oven-mitt feeling. The all-leather shell takes a beating all season long, and the anatomically curved fingers help you grip your poles on sketchy runs. Cinch up the full gauntlet to keep blowing snow out, and slide a handwarmer pack into the front zippered pocket for an added heat boost when a blast of cold arctic air hits your home mountain.

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