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SwissStop RacePro Original Black Brake Pad - 2-Pack

item #SUI0008
Price: $28.00 Buy SwissStop RacePro Original Black Brake Pad - 2-Pack
SwissStop RacePro Original Black Brake Pad - 2-Pack
SwissStop RacePro Original Black Brake Pad - 2-Pack description:
Given its niche dominance, the unrivaled effectiveness of its product, and the devoted following that it enjoys, we don't think it's a stretch to suggest that SwissStop is the Campagnolo of brake pads. The comparison is especially appropriate in the case of the RacePro Original Black Brake Pads for Campagnolo calipers. Superior stopping power, low pad-wear rates, linear brake response, and a smooth, quiet engagement--these pads are the baseline for what we expect from the genre. As with any precision-designed piece of riding gear, the RacePro Original pads have a highly specific recommended use. The compound's density is tailored for aluminum rims--carbon junkies need not apply--and they're designed to mount only on Campagnolo brake calipers from model years 2000-2010. The pads are made by Rex Articoli SA, a Swiss company whose 70 years of experience in technical compounds has made them the go-to for stopping expertise. If you're riding pads with a wheel manufacturer's label on them, then changes are good that they're actually a SwissStop model. Please note that the RacePro Original pads aren't compatible with 2011 and newer Campagnolo brakes. One order includes 4 brake pads--enough for one bike.

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