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SUGOi RS Rain Glove

item #SUG008S
Price: $54.95
Sale Price: $35.72
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SUGOi RS Rain Glove
SUGOi RS Rain Glove description:
Sometimes it's cold. Sometimes it's wet. Sometimes you really want to skip the ride and stay inside, but the Sugoi RS Rain Glove is a warm and dry layer that makes the cold and rain easier to handle. Unlike many cold-weather gloves that feature water-resistant layers filled with insulation, the RS Rain Glove was constructed of neoprene, an all-in-one stretchy, insulating material that is wind and rain resistant. The pattern was curved for a fit that prevents material from bunching between your fingers and provides a firm handlebar interface, and the wide, fitted cuff is secured by an adjustable hook and loop closure. When the office calls to ask why you aren't at work, you don't have to ignore the call thanks to the touch-screen compatible thumb tip -- just make sure you come up with some good excuses. Added reflective accents provide extra visibility in low-light conditions.

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