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SUGOi Wind Mitt

item #SUG003B
Price: $29.95
Sale Price: $19.47
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SUGOi Wind Mitt
SUGOi Wind Mitt description:
You've checked the temperature forecast, glanced out the window to confirm the sunshine, and gotten all kitted up for the ride, but as soon as you step outside: wind. Wind everywhere. On days when it's windy, but not cold enough for full-on winter gloves, the aptly named Sugoi Wind Mitt offers enough protection to keep you on the bike. The Wind Mitts allow your fingers to huddle together for warmth behind a wind-resistant back and a thermal palm. The cuffs have pull tabs for easier application, and the thumbs feature a soft, absorbent finish for face wiping and a thermally conductive tip for touch screen swiping. Silicone grippy bits on the palm ensure you won't drop your smart phone while answering a call or restarting your training playlist. Reflective piping on the back helps keep you visible in case the wind blows in some dark clouds. The Sugoi Wind Mitts are available in two sizes, from Small, to Large, and in the color Black.

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