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Sea To Summit Ultralight Hammock

item #STS004O
Price: $89.95
Sale Price: $71.96
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Sea To Summit Ultralight Hammock
Sea To Summit Ultralight Hammock description:
Whether it's a backpacking trip or just a quick afternoon hike, you should always have the Sea To Summit Ultralight Hammock on you, just in case the mood strikes you to take a load off and enjoy the breeze. Sea To Summit claims it's the world's lightest hammock, and at a mere 5. 4oz, it's hard to argue against that. Its Nylon 66 monofilament fabric makes it insanely lightweight without sacrificing the strength needed to safely support you, and the fabric's also highly compressible to make it practically pocket size when packed up. Speaking of packed up, it includes a built-in compression sack designed with extra space so the straps tuck inside, creating a neat and tidy package that's easy to keep stashed in your pack at all time.

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