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Sea To Summit X Set 32 - 3-Piece

item #STS002B
Price: $139.95 Buy Sea To Summit X Set 32 - 3-Piece
Sea To Summit X Set 32 - 3-Piece
Sea To Summit X Set 32 - 3-Piece description:
Collapsible cookware is the way to go when you're backpacking, and Sea to Summit's 3-Piece X Set 32 has the pots and pan you need for every meal. The X Pot/Kettle and X Pot collapse and fit inside the X Pan for compact storage. Sea to Summit made the the X Pots' bases and the X Pan out of ultralight, hard-anodized, stove-friendly aluminum, and the X Pots' walls out of flexible, boil-friendly silicone for collapsible compactness. Both the X Pot and the X Kettle have lids for faster boiling times, and both the X Kettle and X Pan have retractable handles for extra packing convenience.

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