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Sportful Italia Bib Short - Men's

item #STF005U
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Sportful Italia Bib Short - Men's
Sportful Italia Bib Short - Men's description:
Forgoing unnecessary materials and flashy graphics, the Sportful Men's Italia Bib Short is a refreshingly simple affair that elevates your comfort on the road with its superb mix of functional support and plush padding. Eight panels of Elastic-X Lycra wrap your legs to stabilize hard-working muscles as they're pushing down the road. Four-needle flatlock stitching ensures robust durability and prevents irritation with its smooth on-skin feel. Tasteful notes of Sportful's Italian heritage are present throughout, making it a stylish addition to your summertime kit. Perhaps most notable, the Comfort Pro is a soft, elastic chamois with anatomic shaping and excellent shock absorption. The infinitely variable construction prevents large gaps in overall thickness, lending a smoother, more natural feel without the irritation that's pervasive on the road. It's thicker along the rear of the chamois, helping to relieve excess pressure when you're grinding uphill and pushing along the road at a brisk cadence. To eliminate funkiness when you're sweating, the top layer employs an anti-odor finish for lasting freshness.

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