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Sterling PowerCord Cordelette - 6mm

item #STE0015
Price: $25.05 Buy Sterling PowerCord Cordelette - 6mm
Sterling PowerCord Cordelette - 6mm
Sterling PowerCord Cordelette - 6mm description:
The Sterling PowerCord 6mm Cordelette links multiple pieces of protection together in seconds to create an equalized anchor without the need for any other slings. Picture it: you get to the end of a pitch, fire in two bomber stoppers and a cam, clip them all with the Sterling PowerCord 6mm Cordelette, and tie an overhand or figure-eight knot. You now have an equalized, three-piece anchor with a power point, and it only took you about a minute. The 6mm PowerCord is stronger than standard nylon, breaking at a astronomical 4800lb. Plus, this bomber anchor didn't use up precious rope that you might need on the next pitch.

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