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Stepchild Snowboards Sucks Snowboard

item #STC001D
Price: $398.95
Sale Price: $259.32
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Stepchild Snowboards Sucks Snowboard
Stepchild Snowboards Sucks Snowboard description:
Contrary to what the name implies, the Stepchild Sucks Snowboard is pretty awesome when it comes to pressing rails, carving groomers, and surfing freshies. This all-mountain machine has a versatile profile and medium flex that's capable of handling everything from park to powder. The King of Pop profile features camber under the bindings with rocker in the middle and at the tips for a forgiving feel and catch-free ride that still has tons of pop and reliable edge control. The Kicker FSC core is made from sustainably harvested poplar to give the board strength and liveliness without pissing off the hippies. Biax fiberglass provides easy torsional flex that's ideal for jibbing, buttering, and treating the mountain like one giant park. KEVLAR stringers channel energy for improved response without tacking on weight. Armadillo plates reinforce breakage-prone binding zones when slamming onto rails and stomping huge landings. The Sintruded base combines the durability of a sintered base with the ease-of-repair of an extruded. A unique blend of compounds in the Future Glue resin reduce delamination issues. This season, Stepchild also threw in seamless urethane sidewalls to soak up chatter and beef up durability.

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