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Stanley Adventure Cooler - 7qt

item #STA002B
Price: $39.95 Buy Stanley Adventure Cooler - 7qt
Stanley Adventure Cooler - 7qt
Stanley Adventure Cooler - 7qt description:
You've got nothing planned for this lazy Saturday, so load up the Stanley 7qt Adventure Cooler and head down to the lake for lunch on the shore with your significant other. It has enough room for lunch for two and a couple of cold ones, and its extra-insulated lid keeps the contents cold up to 38% longer than standard coolers, meaning your cold cuts won't become warm cuts on hot summer days. Stainless steel and polypropylene construction makes it tough enough for outdoor adventures and easy to clean when you're done. Sturdy latches and hinges withstand heavy use and allow you to lock down the lid so you don't spill the contents when navigating a tricky trail. It also sports an external bungee cord to hold a blanket or a bottle of vino when you want to impress.

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