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SealSkinz Brecon Glove - Men's

item #SSZ0020
Price: $69.95 Buy SealSkinz Brecon Glove - Men's
SealSkinz Brecon Glove - Men's
SealSkinz Brecon Glove - Men's description:
Built to weather cold, rainy ride conditions, the SealSkinz Men's Brecon XP Gloves bring a pile of cold weather functionality to any inclement day on the bike. As you forge ahead into icy rain and relentless wind in the name of endurance-building base miles, the Brecon's windproof, waterproof exterior will provide a safe haven for your hands on the bars. Grippy palms and fingers give you precise dexterity when you're navigating messy road shoulders, and SealSkinz adds touchscreen compatibility on the index fingers so you don't have to risk frostbite to capture a smart phone image of frozen mid-ride scenery.

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