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SealSkinz Highland Claw Mittens

item #SSZ001Z
Price: $74.95 Buy SealSkinz Highland Claw Mittens
SealSkinz Highland Claw Mittens
SealSkinz Highland Claw Mittens description:
You can bundle up all you want, but if your hands get cold once you're out on the road, it's going to be an uncomfortable trip home. Keep your paws warm and toasty with the SealSkinz Highland Claw mittens. Designed for the harshest winter riding conditions, these gloves blend mitten warmth with separated finger functionality to deliver insulated breathability with a wind- and waterproof membrane that'll have you taking the scenic route rather than rushing home to a pile of fleece blankets. A textured palm complements the agility of the lobster claw design for a secure grip in wet conditions, and reflective detailing helps keep you visible in low-light conditions.

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