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SealSkinz Highland Glove - Women's

item #SSZ001Y
Price: $84.95
Sale Price: $70.16
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SealSkinz Highland Glove - Women's
SealSkinz Highland Glove - Women's description:
The SealSkinz Women's Highland Gloves are built to weather frigid, wet winter days with ease. Both windproof and waterproof, these gloves fend off the elements while providing breathable insulation that wicks moisture out and away to keep your hands dry and warm through the ride. Made with a narrower fit around the wrist and palms and a longer finger profile, these gloves are built to better fit smaller-boned hands for added comfort compared to bulkier options. SealSkinz reinforces the area between the thumb and forefinger on these gloves to improve durability, and an anti-slip coating on the fingers ensures they won't slip off the bars or brake levers on rough roads. Long wrist cuffs tighten down with a hook-and-loop strap to keep the other side of the gloves in place and provide an extra layer between you and the cold. As a final touch, SealSkinz adds soft paneling on the back of the thumbs handy for wiping away sweat or ice accumulation on the fly.

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