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SealSkinz Highland Gloves

item #SSZ001X
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SealSkinz Highland Gloves
SealSkinz Highland Gloves description:
Over the years, we've developed a pretty unsurprising checklist for cycling through the holiday season, and the SealSkinz Highland Gloves check every box twice: windproof, waterproof, insulating, and breathable. This checklist was cobbled together over hours spent spinning in misery while our bodies, faces, feet, and especially hands froze in a wet, wintry hell. You've been there. The rides where you're 25 miles out when you realize that your hands have crossed the line from chilly to wet and cold, and it's only going to get worse while you retrace your route to get back as soon as possible. The Highland checks the cold by hiding a healthy layer of insulation behind a wind- and waterproof shell. They manage external moisture with an anti-slip treatment across the palms to maintain grip on slippery hoods and bars. Keeping precipitation and wind out is useless if the gloves trap moisture against your skin, though, so the Highland is also breathable, expelling water vapor and keeping your hands dry from the inside to prevent clammy, then cold, hands.

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