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SealSkinz Dragon Eye MTB Glove

item #SSZ001K
Price: $69.95
Sale Price: $51.41
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SealSkinz Dragon Eye MTB Glove
SealSkinz Dragon Eye MTB Glove description:
Hot days and rough trails are harder on your hands than your legs sometimes, and you can't afford to have things like missed shifts and raw, bleeding thumbs disrupting your hours on singletrack. The Sealskinz Dragon Eye MTB Glove takes a less-is-more approach with a sleek, padding-free design aimed at giving you grip and dexterity on the bars without boxing-glove bulk. The synthetic suede palm is responsible for grip, and it's backed up by an anti-slip liner to hold your hands in-place inside the glove. Added touches like articulated knuckles, Lycra fingers, and an improved thumb design work to give you the same freedom of movement you'd have without gloves, while the completely waterproof outer liner protects your hands from weather and wind. The rubber pull tab and hook-and-loop strap simplify taking gloves off with tired hands, and a suede wipe on the thumb provides you with a safe way to wipe off your glasses or bike computer after unexpected encounters with the ground.

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