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Six Six One Rage Air Elbow Pads

item #SSO008J
Price: $54.95
Sale Price: $41.21
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Six Six One Rage Air Elbow Pads
Six Six One Rage Air Elbow Pads description:
Protect your wings from bumps and scratches with the Six Six One Rage Air Elbow Pads. With an all-new, low-profile chassis and a strategic blend of hard and soft padding, these guards provide trail protection without impeding quick arm movements or general range of motion. Just set them in place at the start of the day, and ride with confidence that they'll do their job if you end up on the ground. Made from stretchy mesh, each pad is held securely in place with two hook-and-loop straps that feature a silicone print to reduce slippage. These pads are also compatible with the Padlock connection system, with attachment points to pair with Six Six One's Evo SS Jacket to keep everything in place.

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