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Six Six One Evo Elbow Guards

item #SSO008G
Price: $99.95 Buy Six Six One Evo Elbow Guards
Six Six One Evo Elbow Guards
Six Six One Evo Elbow Guards description:
Elbows tend to catch all manner of errant branches and rocks when ripping through gnarly trails, and as much as we love a good scar story, we also sometimes want to emerge from a day on the trails and head straight to the taqueria without stopping for first aid provisions. Get protected and skip the bandages with the Six Six One Evo Elbow Guards. These streamlined guards protect your elbows from sharp, pointy, and scratchy trail furniture without weighing down the ride adventure. Six Six One utilizes pre-molded, flexible D30 padding to accommodate the shape of any elbow and deliver outstanding comfort and fit. This padding cuts a low profile and remains flexible during rides for full range of motion, then hardens instantly upon impact to prevent injury and keep your elbows intact. The body sleeves are constructed from breathable, comfortable Cordura fabric with Kevlar panels added for durability and abrasion resistance over miles and miles of use. Hook-and-loop straps provide a customized fit and ensure the Evo Elbow Guards are easy to put on and take off.

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