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Six Six One Evo Knee Guards

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Six Six One Evo Knee Guards
Six Six One Evo Knee Guards description:
Popping off little side-of-the-trail airs into perfect natural transitions is a whole ton of fun, until you clip your bars against a tree on the takeoff and end up tumbling through the air and using your knees to break your fall. That's why Six Six One's Evo Knee Guards a good idea. They sport flexible and pre-molded D30 padding, which wraps around your knee for full protection and hardens instantly on impact to take the bashing that otherwise was destined for your kneecaps. That means you can pedal in the Evo and take it into the bike park without a second thought. The D30 padding is surrounded by Kevlar panels, which fight off abrasion and the lunges of pointy trailside sticks towards the soft parts of your knee. The sleeve is made of tough-as-nails Cordura and closed up with hook-and-loop straps at the top and bottom, so the pads stay where you need them, not flapping around your ankles.

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