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Six Six One Evo AM Tres with MIPS Helmet

item #SSO007F
Price: $199.95
Sale Price: $109.97
Buy Six Six One Evo AM Tres with MIPS Helmet
Six Six One Evo AM Tres with MIPS Helmet
Six Six One Evo AM Tres with MIPS Helmet description:
Six Six One knows the standard ingredients for cycling helmets, but it also knows the risks taken by serious all-mountain and enduro rippers, so the Evo AM Tres with MIPS Helmet features some tech that goes above and beyond the typical roadie rig. Like with the non-MIPS version, this helmet is built with Contego foam, which absorbs a claimed 30% more impact energy than EPS foam, the industry standard. It's also got an adjustable visor, dialing retention system, and magnetically secured strap. It's key protective feature is the inclusion of a Multi-Directional Impact System (MIPS). MIPS addresses the specific pressures of an oblique, or non-direct impact, by separating the outer shell from the inner, MIPS layer. In the event of an angled impact, the outer layer slides across the MIPS layer, dissipating rotational force to reduce brain deformation. Since the impact of cycling crashes tends to happen at angles other than 90 degrees, this added element of protection will likely come into play if you take an unfortunate tumble.

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