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Six Six One Comp Knee/Shin Guard

item #SSO001D
Price: $39.95 Buy Six Six One Comp Knee/Shin Guard
Six Six One Comp Knee/Shin Guard
Six Six One Comp Knee/Shin Guard description:
Even if you think you're tough, a good crash can cramp your style for the rest of the season. You only have two legs, and biking when one's mangled is a tough job, so wearing the Six Six One Comp Knee/Shin Guard is a good way to save the reason of your summer and fall. Starting from the inside out, the Comp uses a moisture-wicking nylon sleeve to keep you comfortable and help keep your pads in place. Three more hook-and-loop straps in the back secure the Comp in place, and a combo of soft EVA foam padding and high-impact plastic keep your shins, knees, and skin from getting hammered. Six Six One even made sure the plastic was ventilated, so you get air moving along your legs to reduce sweat buildup and help stop the pads sliding down and ending up around your ankles.

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