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Surly Larry Fat Bike Tire

item #SRY000H
Price: $110.00 Buy Surly Larry Fat Bike Tire
Surly Larry Fat Bike Tire
Surly Larry Fat Bike Tire description:
Fat biking should take you through some varied terrain, ranging from the usual trail riding to snow, mud, or other soft surfaces that make you feel like you're wading, not cycling. Surly built the front-specific Larry Fat Bike Tire to move freely between these situations. Larry employs arrow-shapes and tiny studs across its tread pattern to keep his grip firm on surfaces that want nothing more than to squish and slip out from under your ride, but Larry also keeps his cool on firmer ground. The Surly Larry Fat Bike Tire comes in size 26 X 3. 8" and fits rims 50-100mm. The Larry is front-specific.

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