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Surly Lou Fat Bike Tire

item #SRY000C
Price: $130.00 Buy Surly Lou Fat Bike Tire
Surly Lou Fat Bike Tire
Surly Lou Fat Bike Tire description:
The rear-specific Surly Lou Fat Bike Tire is a good friend to his neighbor Bud. When they go out, Lou lets Bud lead, giving him the spotlight while Lou humbly works to keep their operation moving forward and occasionally bailing his impulsive friend out of trouble. His spacious, 7 millimeter tread is similar to Bud's, built to transfer power over wet, lumpy, and loose terrain; however -- like his personality -- it leans more toward stability for braking and accelerating. His durable 120 TPI and Kevlar bead also mean that you'll be rolling fat with virtually no flats. The Surly Lou Fat Bike Tire comes in size 26 X 4. 8" and fits rims 65 - 100mm. It's meant to be paired with the front-specific Surly Bud Fat Bike Tire.

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