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SRAM XX1 Trigger Shifter

item #SRM0464
Price: $175.00
Sale Price: $133.94
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SRAM XX1 Trigger Shifter
SRAM XX1 Trigger Shifter description:
SRAM's XX1 group undoubtedly changed the face of mountain biking, perhaps forever. The narrow-wide chainring, combined with an astonishing redesign of the rear derailleur's parallelogram, meant that single-ring drivetrains were no longer the chain-drop-prone hack jobs they once were. The XX1 Shifter is the power center for the group, and employs the X-Actuation cable pull ratio that makes all SRAM one-by derailleurs move. The shifter is MatchMaker compatible, meaning you can mount it to the same clamp as your brakes or suspension lockouts, freeing up space on your bars and making your cockpit quite tidy.

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