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SRAM Roam 50 29in Boost Wheel

item #SRM00BL
Price: $599.00 Buy SRAM Roam 50 29in Boost Wheel
SRAM Roam 50 29in Boost Wheel
SRAM Roam 50 29in Boost Wheel description:
In the race to upgrade all the things, we sometimes have to remember to take a step back and really think about which ones matter to get the most out of our hard-earned money. When all the comparison lists are laid out on the table, a wheel upgrade will change how we ride on a magnitude that saving a few grams here and there on shifters and derailleurs can't possibly provide. With carbon fiber rims bringing a balance of low weight, stiffness, and durability, SRAM's Roam 50 29in Boost Wheels will happily take the place of floppy stock aluminum rims to infuse any trail adventure with a much-appreciated dose of snappy, responsive fun.The Roam 50 benefits from SRAM's Carbon Tuned construction process, which reinforces high stress areas while minimized excess material in areas it isn't needed for a resulting wheelset that balances the weight and strength needed to successfully traverse technical terrain. The rims are fashioned with a hookless bead for a reliable tubeless rim-to-tire bead connection. In comparison to traditional hooked rims, the hookless models demonstrate improved tire retention on-trail, minimizing burping and blow-offs so you can spend more time riding and less time hunkered by the side of the trail attending to air pressure issues. By eliminating the ridge of material constituting the hook, hookless beads also enjoy increased structural integrity, a feature that will be much appreciated when approaching rock gardens and root systems miles from the trailhead.

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