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SRAM Red HRD Lever & Disc Brake Caliper

item #SRM00BI
Price: $432.00 Buy SRAM Red HRD Lever & Disc Brake Caliper
SRAM Red HRD Lever & Disc Brake Caliper
SRAM Red HRD Lever & Disc Brake Caliper description:
SRAM's initial Red HRD launch was something of an ill-fated endeavor that left droves of 'cross racers relying on their old, cantilever-equipped B-bikes when the winter chill kicked in and sent SRAM scrambling to recall fix the system. With the relaunch of its Red HRD Lever & Disc Brake Caliper, SRAM redeems itself and silences the ghosts of its hydro disc past and delivers confident, powerful braking with impeccable modulation that's been tested to handle all manner of heat, cold, sunshine, rain, mud, snow, and even the occasional rubber duck-filled moat a particularly sadistic race promoter may send your way. Not to be limited to cyclocross, Red HRD boasts the versatility to bring SRAM's top-tier componentry the rapidly growing herd of disc-equipped road, gravel, and all-road machines for a no compromise build and clean, streamlined aesthetics. While the lever hood aesthetics may not appeal to traditionalists, we've found the additional height to be exceptionally functional when traversing the road less traveled. Navigating steep descents and chattery surfaces are a breeze with that bit of extra leverage and grip, which also nearly eliminates the possibility of your hands getting thrown forward off the hoods (and you following over the bars) after a particularly jarring encounter with a pothole or stealthily wash boarded section of gravel. The Red HRD levers incorporate the adjustability and smooth shifting functionality we've come to expect from all things designated Red. A slight redesign from the original version sees a more comfortable hood-top hand positioning, which is much appreciated on long gravel epics and through particularly tricky 'cross course segments. Adjustable reach accommodates a variety of hand sizes so you can further dial in the comfort, and a low initiation force makes for easy lever actuation and leaves more energy to drop into the pedals.The post-mount calipers' two-piston design is specifically engineered to handle the rigors o...

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