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SRAM XX1 Eagle 12-Speed BB30 Direct Mount Crankset - Boost

item #SRM00A7
Price: $469.00 Buy SRAM XX1 Eagle 12-Speed BB30 Direct Mount Crankset - Boost
SRAM XX1 Eagle 12-Speed BB30 Direct Mount Crankset - Boost
SRAM XX1 Eagle 12-Speed BB30 Direct Mount Crankset - Boost description:
One-by drivetrains have seen a surge in popularity as of late, and SRAM continues to lead the way towards simplified shifting and single derailleur drivetrains with its all-new, 12-speed XX1 Eagle group. Not to ignore other industry trends, the SRAM XX1 Eagle 12-Speed BB30 Direct Mount Boost Crankset bumps the chainline out three millimeters to pair with your shiny new Boost-equipped frameset for race-worthy power transfer, impeccable chain retention, and a flash of golden flair. Building on the original X-Sync chainring's renowned chain retention ability, Eagle's X-Sync 2 chainring changes things up with claims of even better chain control. As with the original, each tooth is CNC-machined to support the chain's inner- and outer-link widths by providing a variable thickness from tooth-to-tooth, so the chain and chainring essentially lock together and push away mud with ease. Where the original X-Sync teeth took on a boxy shape, Eagle's chainring boasts aggressively profiled teeth that hold the chain like a wild-eyed kitten clinging to a catnip-soaked mouse toy before letting it glide seamlessly back to the cassette for smooth, friction-free spinning. SRAM utilizes its Carbon Tuned technology to fashion the XX1 Eagle arms with a proprietary, hollow carbon layup that increases stiffness where it's needed and minimizes excess material for an overall reduction in weight. The direct-mount chainring interface also affords the option of quickly subbing different sized rings for different shapes of terrain, giving the true all-mountain racer the start-line flexibility to adapt to a given course.

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