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SRAM XG-1299 XX1 Eagle 12-Speed Cassette

item #SRM009X
Price: $428.00 Buy SRAM XG-1299 XX1 Eagle 12-Speed Cassette
SRAM XG-1299 XX1 Eagle 12-Speed Cassette
SRAM XG-1299 XX1 Eagle 12-Speed Cassette description:
Welcome SRAM's new XG-1299 XX1 Eagle 12-Speed Cassette, the culprit that has officially thrown the mountain bike front derailleur into the dustbin of history. SRAM's new cassette redefines the one-by drivetrain with a 12-speed, 10-50t cassette that vaunts a 500% usable gear range, rivaling most doubles without (of course) the considerable weight gain of an extra ring and front derailleur. So whether you're pounding out a grueling climb or cranking at top speed, this cassette has the range to cover you. The cassette features SRAM's X-Dome architecture to deliver one of the strongest and most consistent performing cassettes on the market, and it's finished with Ti Nitride, which helps shed mud and ensure smooth, reliable shifting in all conditions while looking oh-so swag.SRAM designed the XX1 Eagle to work with its proven XD Driver body, so there's no need to fret the coming of a new hub standard. It was also created to work exclusively with SRAM Eagle drivetrain components-but don't worry, your bike (and legs) will thank you for making the jump.

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