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SRAM NX 1x GXP Crankset

item #SRM009T
Price: $116.00
Sale Price: $104.95
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SRAM NX 1x GXP Crankset
SRAM NX 1x GXP Crankset description:
You get it: one-by is the future of mountain biking, it's the only way to upgrade, it's the Next Best Thing for good reason, etc. You believe wholeheartedly in the hype--and rightfully so--but you can't drop a full month's rent on bike parts again or your roommate may do something drastic. Fortunately for you and your domestic situation, SRAM's NX 1x GXP Crankset makes one-by drivetrains more accessible for those not blessed with unlimited upgrade budgets. The introduction of the NX groupset has inspired a level of buzz usually reserved for technologies triple its price. It was created to be an entry-level, budget-friendly option, and its simple, solid construction won't necessarily be winning industry-wide awards for weight, but is already attracting serious attention as the most affordable one-by crankset on the market. In an age of carbon-fiber arms races, combing new technologies with economy is an innovation in and of itself. SRAM offers the NX in a variety of sizes and lengths, but the 170mm and 175mm GXP options are designed to be ideal for your XC, trail, or all-mountain rig, with a solid 6000-series aluminum construction and a GXP spindle. The SRAM X-SYNC chainring itself also boasts a durable aluminum construction, with each tooth machined to interact seamlessly with the chain's inner and outer links for smooth, powerful pedaling whether dicing down a steep backside hill or laboring along a winding climb.

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