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SRAM Road Disc Organic Brake Pad

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SRAM Road Disc Organic Brake Pad
SRAM Road Disc Organic Brake Pad description:
The benefits of SRAM's Organic Road Disc Brake Pads include gains in the same areas that initially attracted us to disc brakes: engagement immediately translates to stopping power and there's virtually no breaking-in period. They also address concerns about overheating brakes by redirect heat into the rotor, not the caliper, which keeps the hydraulic oil cool and maintains consistency during long periods of continual braking. If you're coming to disc brakes from carbon rim brakes, then you'll be familiar with these pads' tendency to wear more quickly than sintered pads ' they are, after all, made from organic materials bonded with resin for a build that's similar to carbon-specific rim brake pads. Braking power also benefits from an occasional sanding to remove the glaze-like finish that builds up over time, but the extra attention to detail means more responsive braking for those moments when the alternative is a taco'd fork. Finally, we should note that some of SRAM's mountain bike calipers--the Level Ultimate and Level TM models--also use these pads, so classifying them as road-only is a bit limiting. But c'est la vie in an industry of ever changing standards.

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