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SRAM GX 1400 1x GXP Crankset - Boost 148

item #SRM006O
Price: $194.95
Sale Price: $175.45
Buy SRAM GX 1400 1x GXP Crankset - Boost 148
SRAM GX 1400 1x GXP Crankset - Boost 148
SRAM GX 1400 1x GXP Crankset - Boost 148 description:
2x and 1x drivetrains have become the norm, rather than the exception, within the last few years. The SRAM GX gruppo provides several options for each layout. The GX1 1400 GXP Crankset with Boost 148 technology is SRAM's most modern aluminum 1x crankset. You'll need to use these cranks with the Boost 148 drivetrain, however, for compatibility. The SRAM GX1 GXP Crankset works with a single up front and will only mount to a Truvativ GXP bottom bracket. The GX crankset comes in several versions, including the value-oriented 1000 and the mid-range 1200, but the 1400 is the best there is. It's lighter than the others, thanks to hollow-forged crank arms, but it doesn't lose any stiffness to its solid-armed sisters. Mated to a forged aluminum spider, in fact, the GX is stiffer than most cranks on the market, even far more expensive competitors. The SRAM GX 1x chainring uses X-SYNC technology. Each tooth's thickness is CNC machined to work seamlessly with the chain's inner and outer links to hold the chain in place in any terrain. With X-SYNC you never need a front derailleur, tensioner, or chain keeper to maintain perfect control over your chain. This particular version of the GX crankset is Boost 148 compatible. Put simply, Boost 148 is a wider rear hub. It provides several advantages over the standard rear hub, including increased wheel stiffness and durability, tighter handling, improved frame geometry with shorter chainstays, wider and stiffer suspension pivots, a wider range of chainring options, and greater clearance for today's modern tires. The boost 148 option for the SRAM GX crank increases the spacing at the bottom bracket for a more direct chainline when using a wider rear hub.

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