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SRAM CenterLine X Rotor - Centerlock

item #SRM005V
Price: $78.00
Sale Price: $53.99
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SRAM CenterLine X Rotor - Centerlock
SRAM CenterLine X Rotor - Centerlock description:
When you're screaming down a technical, never-ending descent, it's always beneficial to have SRAM's CenterLine X Rotor - Centerlock along for the ride. It takes the prized cooling capacity and high-powered braking functionality from SRAM's venerable Centerline and trades the steel center for a light and durable aluminum center piece to lost a few grams in the process. Strategic vents across the steel braking surface provide exceptional heat management to reduce overheating, which means better consistency for confident speed modulation through technical and steep terrain. The 12-spoke design also resists warping and lateral bending for smooth, stable braking every time you need it.

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