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SRAM PowerLock Chain Connector

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SRAM PowerLock Chain Connector
SRAM PowerLock Chain Connector description:
The SRAM 10-speed PowerLock link is compatible with all models of SRAM 10-speed chains. It's not compatible with non-10-speed chains. "Why'" you might ask. It's simple: This link is 5. 95mm wide, just like a SRAM 10-speed chain. If you ride a SRAM Red, Force, or Rival road bike, or a SRAM XX mountain bike, you'd be well served to keep one of these in your seatbag in case of a chain crisis. The beauty of the 10-speed PowerLock link is that you can install it with no tools. It snaps in place with fingers-only. One critical note: SRAM states that you should break their chains at a non-PowerLock link with a chain tool, i. e. push out a standard link all the way. Then once you're ready to put the chain back together, you'll use this link. For use with 10-speed chains onlyPowerLock is not reusable, you must use a new link each time you remove the chain

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