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SRAM Force 22 Hydraulic Disc Brake

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SRAM Force 22 Hydraulic Disc Brake
SRAM Force 22 Hydraulic Disc Brake description:
When SRAM's line of hydraulic disc road brakes hit the market, they shook things up, setting the new standard for what road brakes could do. SRAM, however saw some room for improvement. The brakes were torn all the way down, picked apart, and completely reconfigured for huge improvements in stopping power and reliability. SRAM started with the lever body, which houses the reservoir and master cylinder. It was redesigned for more internal spacing and a boost in strength and stiffness. The resulting performance is solid and consistent, regardless of weather conditions. The master cylinder piston was redesigned as well, in order to achieve absolute reliability. It succeeded. SRAM then redesigned a new higher-capacity bladder to improve fluid flow to give your brakes the ideal feel, whether you're riding them on day 1 or day 1001. The caliper spring was also redesigned for increased pad contact and smoother retraction. Finally, the shift paddles were trimmed to reduce weight and increase comfort.

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