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SRAM Rival 22 ZeroLoss 11-speed Shifters

item #SRM001C
Price: $124.95
Sale Price: $112.95
Buy SRAM Rival 22 ZeroLoss 11-speed Shifters
SRAM Rival 22 ZeroLoss 11-speed Shifters
SRAM Rival 22 ZeroLoss 11-speed Shifters description:
Ideally, shifting is one of those things you hardly even notice, but experience tells us all that isn't always the case. Things get out of whack, drivetrains get worn, and all of a sudden it's a battle to get into the right gear, generally when your need to shift is most pressing. SRAM's ZeroLoss technology provides instant reaction from your shifters and cables, so there's no lag time between pulling a lever and changing gears, and it automatically adjusts trim to ensure smooth, quiet drivetrains that feel just about perfect. DoubleTap shifting, cribbed from SRAM's top-shelf Red groupset, makes for short, quick shifts, and SRAM's reach adjust design lets you move the levers closer to or farther from the bars to suit your hand size. The aluminum levers are light and tough, and SRAM designed them with two different cable routing options, so you can run cables along the inside or outside of your bars for a streamlined look and killer efficiency.

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