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SRAM Force 1 X-Sync 11-speed Chainring

item #SRM000W
Price: $138.95
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Buy SRAM Force 1 X-Sync 11-speed Chainring
SRAM Force 1 X-Sync 11-speed Chainring
SRAM Force 1 X-Sync 11-speed Chainring description:
SRAM's Force 1 is its cyclocross-specific 1x11 group. As you might expect, SRAM took the best of its mountain groups and crossed them with the best of its road groups to create the ultimate tough, lightweight, element-proof drivetrain. At the heart of this system is the Force 1 X-Sync 11-speed chainring. Borrowed from SRAM's top-shelf 1x mountain group, XX1, X-Sync technology is what makes the single ring up front possible without any kind of front derailleur or chain keeper. The tall, square-edged teeth engage the chain sooner than standard teeth. They are taller, but sharper and narrower to move the chain efficiently and minimize deflection. SRAM also included mud-clearing recesses to keep the inner links and rollers clear of debris, so you'll finish the race with the same number of gears that you started with.

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