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Superga 2288 Mule Shoe - Women's

item #SPV000C
Price: $64.95
Sale Price: $45.47
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Superga 2288 Mule Shoe - Women's
Superga 2288 Mule Shoe - Women's description:
You're craving cereal today like it is nobody's business. Sadly, you've blown through all the boxes in your house and you have to race to the store in order to satisfy your absurd craving. So, slip on your Superga Women's 2288 Mule Shoe and head straight to the grocery store. The Mule stays on your foot as you speed through the aisles looking for what you need thanks to its mock-lace closure. When you finally find the cereal stock, the natural rubber bottom with tread traction won't slip when you stop and do a 360 to take in all your options. And once you're home, you can kick the Mule off quickly and easily to pig out on all the cereal you just purchased.

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