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7 Protection Flex Knee/Shin Guard

item #SPU000B
Price: $99.95 Buy 7 Protection Flex Knee/Shin Guard
7 Protection Flex Knee/Shin Guard
7 Protection Flex Knee/Shin Guard description:
The moment you realize you've forgotten to put knee guards on after already lacing your shoes is never a good one, especially because by that point, your mind is usually already out the door. Simplify your pre-ride routine and save your skin with 7 Protection's Flex Knee/Shin Guard. 7 Protection gave the Flex Knee/Shin Guard a wrap construction to make it easy to put on, and the design also gives you the option to take off the shin padding on mellower days. Made out of rugged neoprene and perforated foam, the chassis won't collect moisture on hot days, and the whole piece is adjustable via a main strap and backed with calf support. The guard exceeds safety standards for CE certification, so you can ride confidently into unknown terrain with knee cap and shin foam standing between you and unyielding rock gardens.

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