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7 Protection Transition Knee Guards

item #SPU0003
Price: $69.99 Buy 7 Protection Transition Knee Guards
7 Protection Transition Knee Guards
7 Protection Transition Knee Guards description:
The Transition Knee Guards are the lightest, most flexible knee pads that 7 Protection makes, so they're perfect for riders who are looking for pedaling comfort with moderate downhill protection. They forgo straps and cinches in favor of a simple, stretchy pull-on sleeve, which incorporates mesh panels for ventilation and plenty of spandex for a secure fit. A soft 1mm pad covers the kneecap for impact protection, while soft foam around the edges provides abrasion protection while allowing plenty of airflow. Maybe the best feature of the Transition, though, is its packability. Since it's made with soft foams and padding, it easily rolls up and stashes into a backpack or even a jersey pocket. You can go pad-free on the climb but pull the Transition on for some peace of mind on rocky, technical descents.

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