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SockGuy IPA 6in Wool Sock

item #SOC003U
Price: $12.55 Buy SockGuy IPA 6in Wool Sock
SockGuy IPA 6in Wool Sock
SockGuy IPA 6in Wool Sock description:
Beer is far from the worst beverage you could be craving while out on a tough ride. While you're actually riding, water or hydration mix is probably still your best bet, but SockGuy's IPA 6in Wool Socks at least let you keep your eye on what you're working towards. Made with a 50/50 blend of merino wool and synthetic polypropylene fibers, the material allows the socks to be stronger than wool and provide better insulation and temperature management than polyester blends alone. Your hardworking feet will get moisture management throughout your ride, while you get a little extra encouragement to pedal through those intervals a little faster than usual.

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