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Santa Cruz Bicycles Chameleon 27.5+ Mountain Bike Frame - 2018

item #SNZ00FF
Price: $749.00 Buy Santa Cruz Bicycles Chameleon 27.5+ Mountain Bike Frame - 2018
Santa Cruz Bicycles Chameleon 27.5+ Mountain Bike Frame - 2018
Santa Cruz Bicycles Chameleon 27.5+ Mountain Bike Frame - 2018 description:
In an industry going ever deeper into the deep end of the travel pool, a hardtail like the Chameleon 27. 5+ Mountain Bike Frame stands out. It's always been known for its adaptability to whatever the trail throws your way, and the latest version has really outdone itself with the ability to swap between 27. 5+ and 29in wheels, courtesy of interchangeable dropouts. Bringing another benefit, the interchangeable dropouts allow you to swap out the gears for single-speed use, should you desire a no-nonsense drivetrain that excels in elevation challenged areas or simply enjoy pushing your bike without pesky gears. 15mm of fore and aft adjustment manages chain tension and chainstay length. The Chameleon surfaces the latest standards of modern trail bikes, including a longer front end, low-slung bottom bracket of 12. 4in, snappy 16. 3in chainstays, and a relaxed 67. 5-degree head tube angle. These geometry figures make the newest Chameleon extremely well balanced when you're ripping steep descents, without inhibiting its ability to power itself back up on climbs. While 29ers are always welcomed by the hardpack crowd, 27. 5+ spacing lets this particular Chameleon change its colors by riding terrain a hardtail would typically balk at. Plus-sized 2. 8in tubeless tires allow you to drastically lower the pressure for smoother tracking across the rough stuff, and they provide unrelenting grip when you lean it through a corner or pedal along a loose patch of dirt with chunky rocks. When equipped with plus-sized tires, you'll find the Chameleon to not only to be an excellent choice for trails with loose chunder and rock gardens, but also for lengthy bikepacking adventures where added shock absorption equates to less fatigue, especially when you don't have a full-suspension absorbing bumps and rocks.

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