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Santa Cruz Bicycles Tallboy 29 R Complete Mountain Bike - 2018

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Price: $999.99 Buy Santa Cruz Bicycles Tallboy 29 R Complete Mountain Bike - 2018
Santa Cruz Bicycles Tallboy 29 R Complete Mountain Bike - 2018
Santa Cruz Bicycles Tallboy 29 R Complete Mountain Bike - 2018 description:
Santa Cruz has recently redesigned much of its line. The Nomad is more of a party bike, the Hightower is more of an enduro sled, and the Tallboy Carbon CC 29 R Complete Mountain Bike is more of--well, actually, it's still the same all-purpose trail bike that it was last year. It pedals up and it shreds down so well that we're inclined to think that it's legacy of sprightly handling and aggressive climbing is part of the reason why so many big-hit sleds are dabbling in the wagon wheel world these days. It's built up here with a combination of beat-'em-up SRAM widgets and FOX suspension, a kit that complements the unassuming reliability of the aluminum frame. As with perceptions of 29ers, the Tallboy has changed a bit over the years, making it one of Santa Cruz's most commonly tweaked designs. Despite the changes, it's also remained one of the brand's most perennially loved models. Considering its revered status among 29er enthusiasts, a new Tallboy is a big deal, but before we get into the changes it's worth dwelling briefly on the flip chip--even if it may be somewhat old news by now. The flip chip sits in the upper link and can be rotated to allow the shock mount to migrate. Being able to reposition the shock attachment point effectively accounts for the 9mm difference in radii between 27. 5+ and 29in tires, keeping the geometry as static as possible across wheel sizes. SC first introduced this feature on the Hightower, but the brand seems to have perfected it for the Tallboy 3; changing the Hightower results in a slight change in head tube angle, but the Tallboy's head tube angle remains the same for 27. 5+ and 29in wheels. Compared to the previous Tallboy, the Tallboy 3 takes just a bit off the top of the head tube, dropping 2. 2 degrees to fall from the standard 70. 2 to a moderately slack 68 degrees. Courtesy of the Flip Chip's slight geometry alteration, that number stays the same whether you're running 29in wheels with a 120mm fork--as it's set up here--or 2.

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