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Santa Cruz Bicycles Bronson 2.0 R Complete Mountain Bike - 2018

item #SNZ00DG
Price: $999.99 Buy Santa Cruz Bicycles Bronson 2.0 R Complete Mountain Bike - 2018
Santa Cruz Bicycles Bronson 2.0 R Complete Mountain Bike - 2018
Santa Cruz Bicycles Bronson 2.0 R Complete Mountain Bike - 2018 description:
Like the '70s action star of the same name, the Santa Cruz Bronson 2. 0 R Complete Mountain Bike steals the show with its stoic demeanor and unflappable composure, only instead of defeating bad guys, it demolishes aggressive alpine terrain peppered with sharp rocks and sheer drops. Packing 150 millimeters of VPP suspension, the Bronson 2. 0 offers a greater margin for error on steep, demanding trails where its smaller 5010 sibling would be pushed beyond its capabilities. However, instead of being relegated to lift-accessed downhills and shuttle runs like many of its longer travel counterparts, the Bronson 2. 0 pedals efficiently without wandering excessively on climbs where you'd normally struggle on a bike of this breed. This particular version benefits from Santa Cruz's aluminum frame for dependable strength and commendable stiffness, and at a price that's hard to resist for those of us without stacked bank accounts. Its geometry stays consistent with the 2. 0's update towards the longer, slacker, and lower side of the all-mountain spectrum, meaning you'll feel confident opening it up on steep descents where you approach high speeds. In fact, the Bronson 2. 0 sports a 66-degree head tube angle for downhill composure without sacrificing much in the way of climbing prowess. Besides being more composed at high speeds, the redesign increased the reach for a roomier overall cockpit that's more comfortable. To balance out the longer front end, the chainstays are slammed at a mere 17 inches to ensure nimble handling around tight corners and sweeping berms. Furthermore, the 74-degree seat tube angle places you in an optimal pedaling position, so you don't sacrifice power while climbing. The big story with the Bronson 2. 0 is the VPP suspension, which features Santa Cruz's upper box-style link inspired by the previous generation Nomad. This upper link connects to the top tube, which creates a stiffer overall design with greater stand-over clearance for short riders. T...

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