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Santa Cruz Bicycles 5010 2.1 D Complete Mountain Bike - 2018

item #SNZ00D6
Price: $999.99 Buy Santa Cruz Bicycles 5010 2.1 D Complete Mountain Bike - 2018
Santa Cruz Bicycles 5010 2.1 D Complete Mountain Bike - 2018
Santa Cruz Bicycles 5010 2.1 D Complete Mountain Bike - 2018 description:
When we think of the quintessential trail-bike, Santa Cruz's 5010 always comes to mind. It is a fun, playful bike that is always up to whatever you and the trail can throw at it. The D build version of the 5010 we have here is constructed from aluminum tubing adding durability and allowing you to spend that extra money on some fun adventures with the bike. The VPP suspension and geometry is consistent to that of the carbon versions so you can rest assured that the intended ride quality and handling aspects will remain in effect.Slacker, longer, and lower, has been the mantra for trail geometry over the past few years and the 5010 and the rest of the Santa Cruz stable is certainly not immune to these changes. The latest generation 5010 has a longer reach and wheelbase and the head tube angle has been relaxed to 67 degrees. The rear of the bike sees the chainstays hacked to 16. 7 inches. The longer front end is both roomier and allows shorter stems for quick handling and a rearward weight bias.These changes allow for that same fun, playful, poppy bike that we love but adds a little more credence on high speed steep sections or through demanding baby heads and roots. The sub 17-inch chainstays, allow for a super nimble demeanor and you will almost find yourself wanting to snake by your riding buddies or use the single-wide trail as your own personal slalom course.The 5010's VPP suspension carries over the 2017 redesign and offers improved suspension performance and increased durability. The second generation 5010 is far more sensitive to small bumps making it much suppler off the top and more sensitive to small hits. The mid-stroke retains the nice linear VPP feel but is more supportive so it loses the mid-stroke wallow that plagued VPP bikes in the past. The end stroke is still quite progressive but lacks a heavy spike so ramping up to prevent bottoming out goes unnoticed. This is nice as the last thing we want to think about if we are putting our suspension to ...

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