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Stan's NoTubes Valor Pro Carbon 29in Boost Wheel

item #SNT005S
Price: $900.00 Buy Stan's NoTubes Valor Pro Carbon 29in Boost Wheel
Stan's NoTubes Valor Pro Carbon 29in Boost Wheel
Stan's NoTubes Valor Pro Carbon 29in Boost Wheel description:
Keeping up with the current trends in the industry, Stan's NoTubes built the Valor Pro Carbon 29in Boost Wheelset with slightly wider rims and substantially wider Boost hubs. This accommodates the larger tires that are becoming more common, and it also puts 110 and 148mm axles in the front and rear, respectively, to hold lines and kick out watts with exceptional stiffness. The Valor Pro wheels offer a lower engagement angle and lighter spokes and hubs than the Team model, but the rims are the same across the Valor line. They also headline the show, and their success goes far beyond the secure, tubeless seating of the Bead Socket Technology (BST) that made Stan's name in the industry. For all those features, our favorite part of the Valor is the Radial Impact Absorbing Carbon Technology (RiACT) design, which addresses one of the key issues we've had with carbon rims: they're often unforgiving. As the name suggests, RiACT lets the rims flex radially by up to 7mm without sacrificing watts to flex. By squishing a bit with big hits, the wheels stay glued to the trail, rolling through obstacles rather than bouncing over them to maintain traction. Of course, this has a much smaller effect than a bike's suspension, but in the high-speed world of XC, every little bit helps.

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