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Stan's NoTubes Major S1 27.5in Boost Wheel

item #SNT0042
Price: $278.00 Buy Stan's NoTubes Major S1 27.5in Boost Wheel
Stan's NoTubes Major S1 27.5in Boost Wheel
Stan's NoTubes Major S1 27.5in Boost Wheel description:
When you need maximum tire volume for your Plus bike, look no further than the Stan's Notubes Major S1 27. 5in Boost Wheel. The Major S1 gives your plus-sized rig a serious upgrade to handle any number of varying trail systems while leaving your wallet intact (for the most part). Its 38-millimeter internal width offers a plenty wide footprint for plus-sized tires ranging from 3 to 3. 5 inches with added stability, while the 6061 aluminum alloy optimizes its strength-to-weight ratio for reliable use on the trail without worrying about the inevitable abuse you're sure to put it through. The WideRight rim profile allows you to lay down a proper tire footprint without it being overly bulbous or bell-like, which are prone to pinch-flats, sidewall slashes, and burps around hard corners. Living up to their name, Stans gave the Major S1 Bead Socket Technology (BST), which is a fancy way of saying that the rim secures to the bead of your tire for a secure tubeless set-up without any air escaping. Plus, the Neo hubs boasts a responsive 10-degree engagement to help you get up and over trail obstacles quickly and easily during your ride.

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