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Stan's NoTubes Flow S1 29in Boost Wheel

item #SNT003X
Price: $201.00 Buy Stan's NoTubes Flow S1 29in Boost Wheel
Stan's NoTubes Flow S1 29in Boost Wheel
Stan's NoTubes Flow S1 29in Boost Wheel description:
Designed to withstand all-mountain punishment in stride, the Stan's Flow S1 29in BOOST Wheel is a rock-solid companion for conquering steep descents, clearing sketchy gap jumps, and cruising across rim-smashing rock gardens. Known as the most durable wheel in Stan's line, the Flow caters to the needs of professional downhill racers thrashing their wheels on a regular basis. This particular version retains the same platform as the original, but in a more economical package that maintains reliable strength, albeit with a penalty in the weight department. The stout 29-millimeter internal rim width allow you to run a wide volume trail tire of 2. 35 inches, all the way up to gargantuan plus-sized rubber in the 2. 8-inch realm. 6061 alloy construction maintains dependable strength when you need it most, giving you the peace of mind to send bigger hits and tear down blistering descents without fear of damaging your wheel. Thirty-two spokes on the front and rear mean you won't have to sacrifice anything in the strength department. For a responsive feel, Stan's laces them to their Neo hubs with a reliable 6-pawl system offering up 10-degree engagement. This particular version of the Flow S1 benefits from BOOST hub spacing, which creates a better spoke bracing angle for a stiffer wheel build. You'll find this to be significant with your larger 29-inch wheels, which often suffer from excess floppiness and flex across rough terrain. With BOOST, you won't have to worry about excess wheel flex, giving you a more precise feel and better handling over technical trails laced with roots and rock gardens. As you'd expect from a wheel of this caliber, it comes tubeless-ready and benefits from the tire bead-attachment interface of Stan's Bead Socket Technology (BST). This technology gives the tire a better seal without worrying about burping it around fast corners or slashing sidewalls due to an overly bulbous shape normally encountered with traditional rims.

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